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Cristiano Ronaldo devalued Coca-Cola shares and made them lose more than $ 4 billion

By Mauricio Saenz

Cristiano Ronaldo devalued Coca-Cola shares and made them lose more than $ 4 billion

The action taken by Cristiano Ronaldo at the press conference caused discomfort in the company

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There's no doubt that every action that Cristiano Ronaldo takes has consequences, whether positive or negative. On this occasion, the Portuguese generated billionaire losses to Coca-Cola after Monday he discarded two bottles of the soda before giving a press conference.

Cristiano Ronaldo follows a strict diet, where soft drinks are prohibited. Even on vacation, Cristiano Ronaldo consumes soda. Of course, he knows that at 36 years of age maintaining his physique is important to be able to perform in the big games.

Before Portugal's debut against Hungary on the first round of Group F of the Euro, where he shone with two scores, the 36-year-old Portuguese striker participated with coach Fernando Santos in a virtual press conference. CR7 took a seat in the living room and everything was normal until he decided to take two small bottles of soda that were on the table and move them to the side.

Immediately, he grabbed a bottle of water and put it in front of him. "Water. Coca-Cola, no ”, said the Portuguese captain before the microphones, making clear his position in favor of healthy eating and no junk food.

And that action that he carried out brought negative consequences to the company. Is that according to what the newspaper Marca reveals, on Monday the European stock market opened at 3:00 p.m., when the shares of the soda were trading at $ 56.10. Half an hour later, when Cristiano Ronaldo held the press conference, the shares fell to $ 55.22.

Cristiano Ronaldo caused billionaire losses to Coca-Cola

Cristiano Ronaldo's gesture generated a 1.6% drop in the stock market, which means that it went from worth $ 242 billion to $ 238 billion. This represents a total loss of $ 4 billion.

Cristiano Ronaldo moved two soda bottles

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