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Champions League 2021 prices: how much money will earn the champion?

By Mauricio Saenz

Champions League 2021 prices: how much money will earn the champion?

Manchester City and Chelsea will play the final this Saturday and whoever wins will win a real fortune

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The UEFA Champions League's the highest continental club competition. Apart from sporting excellence and everything involved in playing one of the most prestigious competitions in the world, the Champions League also represents a great economic injection for all participating clubs.

According to UEFA, more than 2.04 billion euros were distributed among the clubs that participated in the 2019-20 season. Bayern Munich, who took the title, managed to pocket € 82,400,000 in total (and the current 2020-21 Champions League operates under the same financial terms despite the pandemic generated by the coronavirus, since the television contracts were negotiated previously).

Each team that participates in the Champions League (from the previous qualifying phases) receives a cash prize, but only a few are able to access the highest figures, logically reserved for the teams that reach the crossover phases. This is how the money is distributed...

Last year's UEFA Champions League winner pocketed a total of € 82.4 million. To calculate what the rest of the teams win, the formula is simple: the further you go in the competition, the more money you get.

In the 2019-20 season, the winner of the Champions League received 19 million just for winning the final and his rival obtained 15 million. That is in addition to the money that each of the two teams managed to accumulate en route to the title game.

Each of the participants in the Group Phase receives € 15,250,000 before any matches have been played. Each victory in this phase is worth € 2,700,000 and each of the draws € 900,000.

As explained, from the quarter-finals, clubs choose to pocket the largest sums of money: € 9,500,000 for the round of 16, € 10,500,000 for the quarter-finals and € 12,000,000 for the semi-finals.

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