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Bayern Munich star was severely fined for not using "the official car"

By Fredi Roman

Bayern Munich star was severely fined for not using "the official car"

The player decided to use his own car and not the one the sponsor gave him, causing a stir. 

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The main European clubs are characterized by making agreements with various top-level companies to give all possible luxuries to their players. That is why it is not news that, for example, Bayern Munich has Audi as a sponsor and the car company is in charge of giving a 0 KM model to the members of the Bavarian team at the beginning of each season. Up to here, nothing attracts attention. But...

Bayern Munich aren't willing to allow some whims of their stars that go against the contracts signed by the club. And if not, ask Kingsley Coman, who went home on Sunday with the threat of a 50,000 euro fine for not using the Audi to attend training, as is mandatory at the Bavarian club.

The French forward appeared at the wheel of a private Mercedes G-Class... and was not allowed to enter the parking lot of players in the Bayern sports complex, according to the newspaper Bild. So he had no choice but to leave the car on the street and prepare for the penalty that is going to fall from the club.

According to the German press, the use of Audi by footballers is mandatory in match appointments and training sessions, hence Coman has been proposed for such a high penalty. And he is not the first since before Jerome Boateng (Mercedes), Niklas Süle (Ferrari) and even Philippe Coutinho (Mercedes) also had to pay out of pocket for something similar.



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