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United legends go on camel, Rooney copied CR7 with a luxury trip in Dubai

Wayne Rooney completed his own trip to the desert following Cristiano Ronaldo’s example

By Mario Perez

Wayne Rooney copied Cristiano Ronaldo and had a luxury desert trip with his wife Coleen.
Wayne Rooney copied Cristiano Ronaldo and had a luxury desert trip with his wife Coleen.
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Manchester United legend Wayne Rooney went under the spotlight in the last few hours after trying to live his own dreamed desert promenade in Dubai following the example of Cristiano Ronaldo, who in the last few months appeared with his wife Georgina Rodriguez giving a luxury promenade in the Arabia Saudi desert.

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In this sense, Rooney, who in early January was sacked from his role as a manager at Birmingham City after having left the team on the 20th place of the Championship after just 83 days in charge, appeared in the last few hours living honey days with his wife Coleen in a luxury trip in Dubai.

The pictures of the couple, revealed by Coleen herself through her personal social media, showed themselves in the Dubai desert being dressed in traditional headscarves and wearing sunglasses to shield their eyes from the harsh desert sun as a part of a luxury break that the Manchester United legend would have hired.

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Rooney followed the steps of his Manchester United former teammate

The couple, who started riding around in a vintage convertible 4x4, swapped the vintage car for a camel each while Coleen thanked for the experience to the company Platinum Heritage, a tour operator offering experiences in a private vehicle starting at £600 to follow the steps of his old Manchester United teammate Cristiano Ronaldo who has popularized this kind of experiences since he joined Al Nassr last year.

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