They play for fun: the soccer stars who already had money before they achieved fame

By Alexis Almosnino

They play for fun: the soccer stars who already had money before they achieved fame

From Gerard Piqué to Mario Götze, these are soccer personalities who never struggled financially like various stars who emerged from poverty.

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The world of soccer is characterized by uniting the entire continent, without discriminating race, skin color, culture, or in this case, economic position. The truth is that it is difficult for a rich person to share the same place with a totally poor person. More complicated is not having to eat, and almost without thinking, become a star, allowing you to access everything you have always dreamed of. That is football, and that is why everyone dreams of getting to play professionally.

However, just as there are those who do it with the intention and obligation to save themselves, others simply for the love of sports, and fun. In this review, we will mention great stars who, had they not been footballers, would not have suffered great economic deprivation, as happens with many of the athletes who conquer the world.

Gerard Piqué was born into a prestigious Spanish family, very well positioned economically. The father of the central defender, Joan, is a successful lawyer and businessman, and his mother, Montserrat, is the director of a prominent hospital in Barcelona. Frank Lampard is another example. His father was a West Ham player. His uncle, on his mother's side, Harry Redknapp, is also a respected soccer coach and advisor. For his part, Kaká had a similar fate, since his parents have been engineers and have been well-off for decades.

The list continues with three soccer players who will not only be able to count their fortune, but will also one day tell their grandchildren that they had the joy of playing a World Cup, with all that that means. Robin Van Persie, son of a sculptor, and a designer in Holland, Diego Forlán, who stood out in a family that had an abundance of professional soccer players over the years, and Mario Götze, who is the son of a renowned researcher from the University of Dortmund and Yale.


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