The scandal over a shooting that almost left Bebelo Reynoso, the new MLS figure, without a career

The Argentinian, who had a tremendous start at Minnesota United, was once near to leave soccer after a scandal.

Emanuel Reynoso is one of the greatest appearances of the MLS during the last years. The midfielder has just played 15 games in his new team, scoring a goal and giving 11 assists. He also helped his team to advance to the final of the MLS Cup Playoffs and marked a record as being the first player with multiple three assists in playoff games.

But the life of Reynoso was not easy at its beginning. He was born at Córdoba and, since a kid, played for Talleres. He was once involved in a scandal, after some of his friends who were at his car shot a person and provoke an incredible shooting in the city during 2017.

Bebelo, as the playmaker is known, was supposed to be driving the car and the justice imputed him in the case as a co-participant. He was even prohibited to play some matches in that year and the experienced problems when trying to leave the country to play for international competitions, before the case was solved.

At the end, Reynoso moved to Boca Juniors on January 2018 for $1.5 million and since then things went better for him and the court case let him continue his professional career, even though it was once said he was going to have problems to continue it.

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