Neymar and Thibaut Courtois "fight" for the love of a model

The Brazilian and the Belgian flirt with the young Israeli

By Mauricio Saenz

The Brazilian and the Belgian flirt with the young Israeli
The Brazilian and the Belgian flirt with the young Israeli
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Thibaut Courtois could have a new love conquest, if we stick to the clues left on social networks - and that represent, in a world like ours, a first showcase of many new romantic relationships. The woman who could have fallen in love with the Belgian goalkeeper is called Mishel Gerzig, and she is an Israeli model and influencer with more than 99,000 followers on Instagram. But beware, because the young woman also has another suitor: Neymar

There are several indications that link the Belgian with this young woman, and first of all there are photographic evidence. Gerzig and a friend of hers traveled to Spain a few weeks ago for a long visit, during which they took the opportunity to spend a few days in Barcelona and as many in Madrid. And it was in the capital where they met for dinner on at least two occasions with the Real Madrid goalkeeper and a friend of this.

Specifically, the group enjoyed the letters and the luxurious settings of the exclusive Ten Con Ten and Tatel Madrid establishments, immortalizing each evening through various images that both Gerzig and her friend shared on their Instagram stories.

On the other hand, the goalkeeper continues to leave a good string of 'likes' in many of the photographs that the model shares in her profile. And although the type of relationship that exists between the two cannot yet be affirmed, one thing seems clear: between the Belgian and the Israeli there is a clear complicity.

However, the goalkeeper is not the only 'fan' of the young woman. Neymar Jr. also follows Gerzig's Instagram profile, and he has also not hesitated to publicly indicate through 'likes' how pending he is of each of his virtual movements. And his reactions have not gone unnoticed by Internet users.

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