Javier Hernández height: how tall is the LA Galaxy's star?

The Mexican forward started the 2021 MLS season at a high level

By Mauricio Saenz

The Mexican forward started the 2021 MLS season at a high level
The Mexican forward started the 2021 MLS season at a high level
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The 2021 season of Major League Soccer started with everything: great games, surprising results, players who shone and also players who returned to their best performance, as it had not happened in a long time. And this last item appears a Mexican: Javier Hernández. Chicharito, in three disputed dates, scored five goals and was very close to equaling and surpassing a scoring record that had not occurred since the 1999 season. 

In the debut game of the season, as a visitor against Inter Miami, he scored two goals that gave him the victory against the teams of David Beckham and Gonzalo Higuaín. A week later, the Mexican scored his first MLS hat trick. The same occurred in the game against the New York Red Bulls. And although on the third date, against Seattle Soundes, he could not score, he played a good game.

With his great start to the 2021 MLS season, many began to ask questions about Chicharito's physique: how tall he is, how much he weighs and his statistics as a professional player. For this reason, at El Futbolero we decided to answer the most frequently asked questions about Chicharito Hernández.

How tall is Chicharito Hernández?

The Mexican striker, despite playing as a forward, isn't a very tall person for the position, but he is of "normal" physical build. The height of him is 175 centimeters

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How much does Chicharito Hernández weigh?

The Los Angeles Galaxy player follows a strict diet and very hard training to stay in shape. His average weight is 160 lb.

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