Erling Haaland copied Cristiano Ronaldo's diet: he wants to have his impressive physique!

By Mauricio Saenz

Erling Haaland copied Cristiano Ronaldo's diet: he wants to have his impressive physique!

The Norwegian forward wants to be prepared for when he has to make the leap to a big team in Europe

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Erling Haaland has openly said that if he started in football it was because of Cristiano Ronaldo, since he's his idol and he wanted to follow his example; thus, so far he is on the right track being already the figure of Borussia Dortmund. However, Haaland also wants to have an impressive physique like that of the Juventus forward, so he even copied his diet.

How much has Erling Haaland gone up?

From five years ago to the present, the Norwegian has gained 12 kilos of muscle by copying nutritionism tricks from Cristiano, who at 37 years of age has an incredible physique and Haaland at 20 of him wants to be the same. Haaland also goes to the best center in the world, in Doha (Qatar), to recover from his last injury and buy part of a technology company that has developed recovery machines that some NFL stars also use, according to As.

Haaland is also very focused on giving his muscles a break through sleep. A video game fan, since he was at Red Bull Salzburg he wears special glasses that block blue light and improve night rest.

Erling Haaland believes that his physique will help him maintain his good football rhythm, as well as get clubs interested in his services, as has happened so far. Thus, he began a diet based on abundant fish, Cristiano's food base. Haaland does everything to be well, his last system is to go to a new technology in recovery of muscular efforts that the company Hyperice is developing and has even become a partner of the company.

Haaland had been using several machines of his invention (Hypervolt, Normatec and Vyper), such as Patrick Mahomes (the last great superstar of the NFL) and is so faithful that he has decided to invest in the company, becoming a shareholder of it. It is one of the first businesses known to the Norwegian star, a sign of his involvement and it does not seem by chance that it is in a technology that improves his preparation. When he jumps to Real Madrid, Barcelona or another great, Haaland will be a beast.



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