Cristiano Ronaldo "stole" Chicharito Hernández' girlfriend!

By Mauricio Saenz

Cristiano Ronaldo "stole" Chicharito Hernández' girlfriend!

After becoming champion of the Italian Cup, Cristiano Ronaldo received a congratulation from Sarah Kohan

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Cristiano Ronaldo's reaping not only millions but hundreds of thousands of sighs from women around the world! His own girlfriend, Georgina Rodríguez, was the one who gave the fans their feet to be filled with compliments ... And former Chicharito Hernández' partner was the first to fall into temptation!

Through her Instagram account, Georgina Rodríguez published a photo of Cristiano Ronaldo celebrating a new Cup and, as expected, the repercussions were not long in coming.

Among so many reactions she was able to highlight, without a doubt, the like that Sarah Kohan gave her, former wife of Chicharito Hernández! She's usually very attentive to everything that is happening on social networks, but she is rarely seen liking someone, much less Cristiano Ronaldo.

As expected, a move of these characteristics did not go unnoticed at all and is creating a tremendous stir. Many are accusing Cristiano Ronaldo of stealing all the attention of former Chicharito Hernández'... And Sarah Kohan has no interest in denying it!

"The new Icardi", that's how Cristiano Ronaldo was nicknamed, recalling the episode in which Mauro Icardi was accused of stealing the wife of his then friend, Maximiliano López.


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