World Shock, Neymar suffers some terrible news regarding his New Years cruise trip!

Neymar has suffered a tragic loss during his cruise party.

By Hector Garcia

Neymar`s party sadly includes a tragedy many did not expect.
Neymar`s party sadly includes a tragedy many did not expect.
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Neymar is one of the wealthiest players in the world, and the only way to spend his time while being injured is by throwing a big party on a luxurious cruise ship. The party was held on December 30th, 2023, en route to Angra dos Reis, which is west of Rio de Janeiro.

All was fun and games until there was a report of a man missing who was present at the cruise ship party. Brazilian officials were looking for the man who appeared on the ship with Neymar.

It was all a mystery until the news finally broke out that the man who was missing was presumed dead because the man jumped off the ship willingly. Many questioned the man`s motive to jump off the boat on his own, but who is the man who jumped, and how was he invited to Neymar`s cruise ship party?

Who is the man who jumped from the cruise ship?

The man who jumped was Brazilian YouTuber Carlos Alberto Mota Candreva. He was 32 years old. He didn't get to the cruise ship alone as he was with a woman he was dating, Vitoria Barbara. The pair had a verbal fight before Candreva jumped off the boat. Both were arguing over their relationship, and Candreva caught messages of Barbara with other men on her phone.

Candreva was reported missing by the trip operator, MSC Cruzeiros, while cruising to Rio de Janeiro. The incident was quickly reported to Brazilian officials and the Coast Guard to look for Candreva in the ocean. An official statement from MSC Cruises stated, "A thorough search was carried out on board, and it was confirmed that the guest intentionally jumped overboard."

Vitoria couldn't believe the disappearance of the Brazilian Youtuber and expressed her shock at the whole incident. "There was no way to run after him. It happened very quickly. I was in shock, I was frozen.", Barbara stated.

It was a sad tragedy just before the New Year in Brazil, and it, unfortunately, was upsetting to hear about how he lost his life on the cruise ship Neymar was using for the holidays.

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