While everybody wants a picture with Messi, the sportsman Lionel would ask for a photo

Lionel Messi is a big fan of a legendary athlete many did not expect him to say.

By Emmanuel Mendez

Lionel Messi looks at the pitch with an Argentina jersey on and a mystery athlete is near him.
Lionel Messi looks at the pitch with an Argentina jersey on and a mystery athlete is near him.
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Lionel Messi is one of the greatest footballers and athletes of all time. Many football fans and even sports fans would want a picture with the Argentine star. Messi has been approached by many fans over the years, and it hasn’t changed since he moved to the United States last summer. Many wonder who he looks up to and who he would like to meet in the future since everyone has an idol they would like to meet as a dream. Messi named arguably the greatest basketball player of all time, Michael Jordan. In an interview with ESPN, Messi was asked who he would like to meet, and he answered, “A person I would like to meet? I would like to meet [Michael] Jordan and have a photo with him.” The two icons of sports have never met each other, but it seems very possible that an encounter could happen since Jordan is in the US as well as Messi, who has a contract with Inter Miami until December 2025.

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Messi and Jordan are often recognized as the greatest of all time in their respective sports, and the Argentine is often called the “Jordan of football” by some of his teammates. When Pep Guardiola spoke about Messi, he said, “Messi means everything in my career, I compare him to Michael Jordan… I owe him a good bottle of wine to thank him because thanks to him I got good contracts.”

Jordan made money thanks to Messi in the past when the Argentine joined PSG in 2021, and his shirt sales made the former Chicago Bulls player millions. According to TyC Sports, Michael Jordan has made $7 million from shirt sales since Lionel Messi joined PSG.

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The football legend who did meet Michael Jordan

The football legend who did get to meet Michael Jordan was Cristiano Ronaldo. Since Ronaldo and Jordan are Nike athletes, the two met in the US and took a picture together that went viral online. Ronaldo and Jordan are the only two athletes with personal brands on football shirts. Jordan’s Jumpman logo was on the PSG jerseys for three years, and the CR7 brand was on a Sporting CP jersey.

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