While Cristiano Jr goes with CR7 to the events in Saudi, what Messi’s son does after his father’s game

Cristiano Ronaldo’s son is enjoying his off season while Lionel Messi’s son impresses on the field.

By Emmanuel Mendez

Cristiano Ronaldo and Ronaldo Jr. pose for a picture while Mateo Messi and Lionel Messi wear the Inter Miami jersey.
Cristiano Ronaldo and Ronaldo Jr. pose for a picture while Mateo Messi and Lionel Messi wear the Inter Miami jersey.
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Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi have left an important legacy in football history as they are the greatest players in the game for many football fans. Something similar they share is having their children follow their own footsteps in football as Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. is playing for the youth Al Nassr team, and two of Messi’s kids, Thiago and Mateo Messi, are playing in the Inter Miami academy. Ronaldo Jr. already won the league for the U13 Al Nassr team a few months back, so now he enjoys many activities with his father in Saudi Arabia. In the United States, it is different since the season just started, and Mateo Messi surprised many with his dribbling skills on the pitch after Lionel Messi’s match last night. Mateo was dribbling the ball with his right foot, but in the same manner his father does it. He nutmegged Luis Suarez’s son Benjamin, who is the age of Mateo’s older brother Thiago.

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Many Messi fans believe Mateo has shown lots of talent on the pitch and could have a future in professional football. Mateo Messi has reportedly been amazing during the Inter Miami academy games. This recent clip has become viral on the internet, but a month ago, another video showcased the young Messi scoring five goals in one match for the Inter Miami academy. Many have pointed out that he has the same dribbling style as his father, but he is right-footed.

Thiago Messi is also getting high praise from the fans as he also shows similar simplices to his father’s dribbles and how he shoots. The Messi genes are different there as the boys show their talents at the Inter Miami academy. It would be a surprise to no one if both kids become professional players in the future. Thiago Messi plays for the U12 Inter Miami team with Suarez’s son Benjamin, and they have won a trophy recently as well. Ciro Messi, the youngest son of Lionel Messi, is still too young to join the Inter Miami academy but often goes on the pitch after the games to play with his brothers.

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Lionel Messi’s next game with Inter Miami

Messi didn’t score or provide an assist in Inter Miami’s 1-0 win over DC United last night. Inter Miami will play the Vancouver Whitecaps next weekend in Canada at the BC Place. This would be the second time Messi will play in Canada since he played in the 3-2 win against CF Montreal last weekend.

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