(VIDEO) The new and funny Messi’s advertisement, the millions that an advert can generate for him

Lionel Messi is involved in a new ad for a company he is partnered with.

By Emmanuel Mendez

Lionel Messi looks down as he wears the Argentina national team jersey and a stack of cash is below him.
Lionel Messi looks down as he wears the Argentina national team jersey and a stack of cash is below him.
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Lionel Messi has been involved with many advertisements since his arrival at Inter Miami. The Argentine star is now part of a commercial for Mastercard in a funny ad that showcases the card. Messi insists on paying for items he wants to buy, but the cashiers or people around him offer to pay for him. In the last part of the video, Messi purchases multiple shirts for young children and signs their shirts. Messi has been an ambassador for Mastercard since 2018. He will be paid $12 million for five years with his partnership with Mastercard, and it is set to expire next year. Mastercard will celebrate its 30th year sponsoring the Copa America this year in the 2024 Copa America in the United States.

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Mastercard described that partnership with Messi and the new ad for the Copa America and their card. The statement reads, “To kick off the tournament, Mastercard launched its latest video, “Giving Back,” with Lionel Messi, the Argentinian football legend and a brand ambassador since 2018. Inspired by a real-life experience, Messi attempts to use his Mastercard at several small businesses, but each store owner refuses to accept his payment as a gesture of respect and to give back to him after all he’s done for football fans.”

Messi spoke about the partnership and the new ad he made ahead of Copa America which starts next week. Messi said, “Mastercard and I share a belief in the importance of bringing people closer to their passions and connecting them to what brings them joy, because that’s priceless. Just like in this campaign, we are always seeking ways to give back the support we receive.”

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Lionel Messi and Argentina at the Copa America

Next week, Argentina and Messi will play in the Copa America opener against Canada on June 20th. Before Copa America starts, Messi and the Argentina national team will play against Guatemala tomorrow in a friendly match at FedEx Field in Maryland. Argentina will also be playing Chile and Peru in Group A. Their opponents in the quarterfinals will be from Group B, which includes Ecuador, Mexico, Venezuela, and Jamaica if they make it out of their group.

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