(VIDEO) Messi's almost wonder goal against Real Salt Lake that paralyzes the MLS

Lionel Messi almost scored a great goal, it would have been crazy

By William Estrella

(VIDEO) Messi's almost great goal against Real Salt Lake that paralyzes the MLS
(VIDEO) Messi's almost great goal against Real Salt Lake that paralyzes the MLS
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Inter Miami is winning right now against Real Salt Lake, in a crucial match, as it is nothing more and nothing less than the start of Major League Soccer 2024. The Florida team is close to winning its first three points of the tournament, with Lionel Messi as Man Of The Match.

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After Robert Taylor's goal in the first half for Inter Miami, which was assisted by Lionel Messi with a great pass, the Argentine was very close to wowing the entire world with a great goal. Lionel Messi dribbled, and when he found a rival defender on the ground, the Argentine passed the ball over him and shot at the goal with no luck.

When Real Salt Lake was playing its best, even close to tying the game, Diego Gomez, Paraguayan midfielder from Inter Miami, scored the final 2-0 to start the season with a victory. Luis Suarez this time was the one who assisted, but the pre-assistance was once again from Lionel Messi.

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Tata Martino's key to taking care of Messi:

“That Messi does not have so much wear and tear and that he receives the ball in the final meters, in an almost definition zone, that he is 15 meters behind any footballer. The worst thing that can happen to us is that he doesn't touch the ball. We have a gear that we can adapt quickly to the place where he ends up, to be able to recover the ball with some urgency.”

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