(VIDEO) Argentine journalist friend of Cristiano talks about the possibility of Ronaldo joining Messi in Miami

An Argentine journalist gives his thoughts of the chances Ronaldo joins Messi at Miami.

Argentine journalist Martin Liberman talks about Ronaldo and Messi potentially playing together.

Argentine football journalist Martin Liberman said he was good friends with Cristiano Ronaldo, and he gives his analysis on the Portuguese star potentially arriving at Inter Miami with Lionel Messi. Although many don't believe that the move could happen since Ronaldo and Messi have a few years left in their careers, Liberman believes the treatment Ronaldo receives may be the big reason for his departure from Al Nassr. Ronaldo has recently not had the best time in Saudi Arabia as he has problems with the referees and the fanbases of other teams.

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Liberman mentions that whenever Ronaldo and Al Nassr travel away from home, the Portuguese striker would get abuse from the opposition fans and many would cheer Messi's name to annoy Ronaldo. It has worked, and the Portuguese striker has reacted furiously in the past. Liberman believes that Ronaldo is offended since he decided to play in Saudi Arabia over his country's league. Ronaldo may feel more disrespected since he brought more attention to the Saudi Pro League, yet he still gets abused.

The Argentine journalist mentioned having read rumors circulating in the United States stating that Inter Miami co-owner David Beckham would want to approach Ronaldo to bring him into the Inter Miami team with Messi. Liberman is unsure how the rules in the MLS work in terms of franchise players and the allowed number of players from other countries in one team.

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Liberman does not see Ronaldo playing with Messi at Inter Miami

Liberman recognizes that Inter Miami are not playing well, as they recently suffered a 3-1 loss to Monterrey CF. Ronaldo's friend talks about how the team would operate if Cristiano joined. Liberman thinks Ronaldo would play as the left-winger, Suarez as the main striker, and Messi in his natural right-wing position. He also wonders who the captain would be since Messi is the current main man, but Ronaldo is often handed the armband. Liberman does not see the move happening, but there may be a little window open for that move to actually happen because of Ronaldo's treatment in Saudi Arabia.

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