Unlike Ramos publicly cool with Cristiano, former Madrid teammate praises him

Theo Hernandez is one of the best left backs in the world and has some words on Cristiano Ronaldo.

By Emmanuel Mendez

Theo Hernandez does not shut down the door of a return to Real Madrid.
Theo Hernandez does not shut down the door of a return to Real Madrid.
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Sergio Ramos and Cristiano Ronaldo are legends of Real Madrid and have shared some iconic moments with the Spanish giants for years. While Ronaldo left the club in 2018, Ramos left in 2021. Ramos seems to have not been publicly admirable in recent times with his former teammate.

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Some Real Madrid fans believed that Ramos betrayed Ronaldo when he commented about who the world's best player is. The debate between Lionel Messi and Ronaldo has been going on for years, but during his years at Real Madrid, Ramos said that Ronaldo was the best. Ramos said, "For me, the best player in the world today is Cristiano Ronaldo, without a doubt.” Recently, he praised Messi and said, "There have been many years of suffering playing against Leo Messi, but now I am enjoying it. He is the best player that football has ever produced." Football fans believed that the Spanish defender fell out with Ronaldo because he wished a happy birthday to Neymar but Ronaldo on social media. This seemed odd since Ramos posted about a former teammate of his, Neymar, sharing the same birthday as his other long-time teammate, Ronaldo.

A former teammate of Ronaldo who had some nice words to say during his time at Real Madrid is Theo Hernandez from AC Milan. Hernandez played a few years at Real Madrid until he moved to AC Milan in 2019. He has become one of the best players in the left-back position. Hernandez said, "Cristiano is more than an example, an icon. He helped me a lot when I arrived at Real Madrid at just 19 years old. He was one of the players who was most aware of the youngsters, trying to make us feel as comfortable as possible. I learned many things from him, and it was a privilege to share the locker room.”

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Theo Hernandez speaks about possible Madrid return

Theo Hernandez was asked if a potential return to Real Madrid is in his plans. Hernandez said, "I’ve great memories at Real Madrid, I’ve many friends there, but I’m so happy at Milan, I’m not thinking about other options. We never know the future, but I’m happy and focused on Milan.” Hernandez is worth 60 million euros in the current market.

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