The new mess Neymar got himself into, still not playing and Ney gives more to talk about off the field than on it

Neymar looks to get involved into drama on social media by an influencer.

By Emmanuel Mendez

Neymar does the peace sign while he wears a hat and sunglasses; the Al Hilal badge is next to him.
Neymar does the peace sign while he wears a hat and sunglasses; the Al Hilal badge is next to him.
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Neymar Jr. has been injured for a long time, and while many fans are waiting for his return to the football pitch, he was involved in a little drama online with an influencer. The Brazilian star has a lot of free time, but he is caught by TikTok and American bare-knuckle boxer Bryce Hall on Instagram as the Al Hilal star reportedly directly messaged his girlfriend. Hall took a screenshot of the private message Neymar sent to his girlfriend, which he posted on his X account. The American influencer wrote, “Neymar slid into my girl’s DMS [direct messages] with a whole *ss wife [and] kids… maybe he just wanted to play soccer with me by reaching out to her, but I don’t know.” Neymar did not respond, but many comments defender Neymar for wanting to talk with another woman since he is not in a romantic relationship with the mother of his child, Bruna Biancardi. Bryce Hall’s girlfriend is model Mikaela Lafuente.

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Neymar’s private messages could’ve been edited or fake, which many believed as well, but Bryce Hall disproved the fake allegations. Hall screen recorded the private message and showed the account for Neymar being his official account on Instagram. Bryce Hall wrote, “Fake screenshot to generate engagement.”

Bryce Hall’s screenshot was reportedly considered false on X, and the influencer called out Neymar and Elon Musk. Hall wrote, “How did Neymar get Elon [Musk] to label that tweet as a false screenshot? Is Elon a soccer fan?” The Brazilian player did not ruin a relationship with his ex-partner Bruna Biancardi as they celebrated the baptism of their child over the weekend. Neymar is spending a lot of time with her and the baby girl, Maive, while he is recovering from the ACL injury he suffered last October.

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What is next for Neymar?

Neymar is slowly continuing to recover from his injury and is now training on a football pitch. Neymar has been working on his recovery at the Al Hilal facilities for a while, but he will not be ready for the preseason with the team this summer. The Brazilian is expected to be back at the start of next season.

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