The NBA team who is inspired by Cristiano Ronaldo and copies him

A couple of players before an NBA game yesterday where playing juggling with the basketball with their feet.

By Emmanuel Mendez

NBA players were inspired by Cristiano Ronaldo before an NBA game.
NBA players were inspired by Cristiano Ronaldo before an NBA game.
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Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most popular athletes in the world, and despite never playing in the United States, he is also well-known in this country. Ronaldo has played a few friendly games in the United States, but his popularity around the world has led his popularity to transmit here. Ronaldo's influence in football is strong as many footballers have admitted that Ronaldo is their role model and does similar things to him in regard to celebrations, fashion sense, and football skills. This is normal to see in football, but in basketball, it seems a bit strange. This happened yesterday before an NBA game.

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Two players from the Golden State Warriors were warming up differently compared to the rest of the team. Gui Santos, along with two other Warrior players, were juggling the ball with their feet. Santos is a Brazilian basketball player for the Warriors which explains his ability to juggle the ball with his feet flawlessly.

The Brazilian plays a keep-up game with two other players by kicking the ball up, and then he grabs the ball with his hands and shoots the ball into the bucket. This was before the game started, and once the ball entered the basket, Gary Payton II celebrated like Cristiano Ronaldo doing the iconic "SIIUUU" with Santos. The Golden State Warriors star player Steph Curry once celebrated with the "SIIUUU" celebration in a video of him playing football. Ronaldo's impact is clearly enormous around the world and even players who don't play football are familiar with the Portuguese celebration and his football ability.

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Cristiano Ronaldo will not play in Portugal's friendly against Sweden

Portugal will play against Sweden in a friendly today. Cristiano Ronaldo is on vacation with his family and will not play this game. Ronaldo will be with the team in preparation for the other friendly game against Slovenia next Tuesday.

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