The long wait for the anticipated reunion of Messi and Suarez is over

Messi and Suarez are back on the pitch together again as they take on El Salvador

By Michail-Angelos Grigoropoulos

The duo is back together tomorrow against El Salvador
The duo is back together tomorrow against El Salvador
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Football has seen many legendary duos and trios play together and entertain fans. You’ve had Rooney and Ronaldo, Messi and Ronaldinho, Xavi and Iniesta, and many more. There is one trio that later became a duo that excited all of football. MSN or otherwise known as Messi, Suarez, and Neymar. The three forwards teamed and caused havoc upon all of Europe, and when Neymar left for PSG, Messi and Suarez continued their dominance in Spain.

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The two would part ways in 2020 when Suarez would move to Atletico Madrid, as all football fans wished the two superstars would unite again one day. Whilst football fans did not get a Suarez and Messi reunion, they got a Messi and Neymar reunion at PSG which was unsuccessful to say the least as they failed miserably to achieve their main goal. But for most that did not matter as they got to see Neymar and Messi be on the same pitch again as teammates. And now after departing in 2020 from each other, four years later Messi reunites with the other member of MSN. Luis Suarez.

After leaving Atletico, the Uruguayan would go to Nacional for half a year, before moving to Gremio for nearly a year where he scored 26 goals in 53 games to show he still got it. And then in what will most likely be his last run, the striker reunited with his best friend in Miami. David Beckham and Inter Miami were able to the M and S of MSN together again.

Messi is not the only former teammate that Suarez will reunite with as Jordi Alba and Sergio Busquets are at Inter Miami as well. At this stage might as well get the whole 14/15 treble winning team together. And very soon fans will get to see the ex-Barcelona teammates play on the pitch together once again. Inter Miami are starting their preseason tomorrow against El Salvador and the Uruguayan striker made the squad list

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Luis Suarez expectations for the season

Nothing short of winning is an option for Suarez and he expects Inter Miami to follow that motto. In his introductory press conference Suarez said, “Why wouldn’t we dream of winning all four titles?” Suarez was referencing the four competitions Inter Miami play in this season.

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