Ronaldinho’s comments that everybody is talking about caused controversy in Brazil, the truth behind his statements

Ronaldinho explains the harsh words he had for the Brazilian national team yesterday.

By Emmanuel Mendez

Ronaldinho smiles and points while wearing the Brazil jersey; the Brazil flag is next to him.
Ronaldinho smiles and points while wearing the Brazil jersey; the Brazil flag is next to him.
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Ronaldinho is a Brazilian football legend, but his words towards the national team yesterday shocked many, as he believed that the current Brazilian national team is the worst he has seen in his lifetime. He gave some harsh words to the national team that many did not expect to see. Ronaldinho may have fooled everyone as he spoke about the truth behind the harsh words he said about the Brazil team. The Brazilian legend said, “I would never abandon Brazilian football. Never. And I would never say those things they saw. It’s not true, those words came from real Brazilian fans. They are real comments that I saw on the internet. Imagine hearing these messages before playing. It doesn’t matter, low motivation. The support of the fans is a huge difference for the player, I know what I’m talking about. Guys, what our boys need right now is support. The more confidence people show, the more confidence they will have in him. That’s why I joined this movement that encourages the fans that never abandon us. We are asking everyone to send messages of support and confidence for the Copa América.”

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Ronaldinho continued to speak about the comments he often sees online and said that the fans need to believe in the team. Ronaldinho said, “These are things we see on the internet, so it’s very contrary to that, I said this so everyone would have a reaction. But of course I will support it, & support it like never before. Brazil needs this support, these young players have a lot of talent.”

The first player from the national team who reacted to the comments of the icon was Raphinha, who was asked in a press conference about his thoughts on the harsh words he had on them. Raphinha couldn’t believe it and said, “It could be an (advertising) campaign or not, but we were surprised by what he said, we ended up finding out from Vini that he ended up asking for tickets these days to see our game, it doesn’t match what was said. It’s a surprise to hear this coming from him, but I don’t agree, being here I see surrender every day.”

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The other Brazilian legend who agrees with Ronaldinho

Although it seemed to be a joke or a test from Ronaldinho to talk harshly about the Brazilian national team, another Brazilian legend agreed with the words that criticize the current team. Romario was the Brazilian icon who agreed with Ronaldinho’s words from yesterday as he said, “If we talk about the Seleção & compare it to Ronaldinho’s Seleção, he’s 100% right. Ronaldinho’s Seleção was the last Seleção that enchanted the world. The football presented by them will be almost impossible for us to introduce again.”

Romario puts the pressure on the Brazilian national team ahead of Copa America as he said, “The Seleção really isn’t in it’s best moment. There’s a big & difficult test coming, which is the Copa América. We hope that Brazil can improve & in a positive way. For them to improve & prove that Ronaldinho is wrong, they just need to be champions.”

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