Rodrygo’s heated altercation with Messi still has him angry, what Real Madrid star revealed about the fight with Lionel

Rodrygo and Lionel Messi had a heated interaction last year in a game between Brazil and Argentina.

By Emmanuel Mendez

Lionel Messi and Rodrygo are arguing with each other as Rodrigo De Paul is next to them; an angry emoji is in the middle. (Source: MARCA)
Lionel Messi and Rodrygo are arguing with each other as Rodrigo De Paul is next to them; an angry emoji is in the middle. (Source: MARCA)
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Argentina and Brazil are heated rivals in international football, and it is arguably the biggest rivalry on the international stage. The last time they faced off was in a World Cup qualifying match at the Maracana. Before the game kicked off, there was a fight breaking out between Brazilian and Argentine fans in the stands. Argentina were set to walk out and not play the match, but they came back out. The cameras caught the moment of Rodrygo and Lionel Messi arguing and insulting each other face to face. In an interview with Placar, Rodrygo was asked about the incident, and he said, “Everyone saw what happened there, what one said to the other. They wanted to leave the field, and we kind of went to confront them. At some point during the game, a fight was bound to happen, and we ended up insulting each other, started talking trash to each other. I can’t get into much detail about what I said because Real Madrid asked me not to go into the matter too much.”

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TYC Sports reported a bit about the conversation between Rodyrgo and Messi on the pitch. After Argentina’s protest by walking off the pitch, the team decided to come back on the pitch and play the game. Rodrygo reportedly told Messi that they were ‘cowards.’ Messi responded by reportedly saying, “We are the world champions, why are we cowards? Look at your mouth.”

Marquinhos tried to calm both of them down, and the Brazilian defender knows both of them well since he plays with Rodrygo on the Brazilian national team and played two seasons with Messi at PSG. Argentina went on to win the game 1-0 after a header from Nicolas Otamendi in the 63rd minute. Argentina is first in the World Cup qualifiers with 15 points after six games, while Brazil is 6th with seven points after six games.

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Brazil ahead of Copa America

Rodrygo will be one of the stars of the Brazilian national team heading to Copa America 2024. They have not lost a game since the Argentina match in November. Brazil defeated Mexico 3-2 almost two weeks ago and drew 1-1 against the USA last week.

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