Not just bringing Silva from City, what Barcelona could do with prize money if they advance to UCL semifinals

FC Barcelona could play for an important amount of money against PSG today.

FC Barcelona celebrate a goal they scored against PSG at the Parc des Princes.

Mundo Deportivo reports that FC Barcelona has already accumulated around €81.1M for their sporting performances in the Champions League this year. If Barca qualifies for the semi-finals by beating PSG today, they will earn them €12.5M more. Reaching the Champions League Final would give them €15.5M more, but if they win the entire tournament, the club will earn €20M more. This would motivate the team and the club even more as it could help them with their economic struggles over the past few years. The club still has a debt worth over $1 billion according to some Spanish reports.

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In US dollars, the Catalan club has already earned $86.1 million for this Champions League campaign. They would earn an extra $13.2 million if they beat PSG and advance to the semi-finals. Reaching the final would make it $16.4 million extra for the club, and by winning the Champions League, the club would earn a total prize of $107.4 million.

FC Barcelona will host PSG today at their Estadi Olímpic Lluís Companys stadium in the second leg of the Champions League quarterfinals. Mundo Deportivo reports that the Catalan club will earn around €6m from ticket sales for the match against PSG today. In US dollars, that is worth $6.3 million from ticket sales. Sport reports that the new Spotify Camp Nou will have the capacity to generate over $367.5 million per season, which will have a capacity of over 100,000.

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Xavi's plan for his FC Barcelona team against PSG for today's game

Xavi spoke ahead of the second leg against PSG, and he was asked if he would play differently from how FC Barcelona played against PSG in the first leg last week, which gave them a 3-2 win away at Paris. Xavi said, "Doing something different vs. PSG? No, I think we need to defend almost the same way. Let's see what PSG's system does, but we need to be a team. In attack, we need to access these spaces. I think we need to show our best level, and show character to qualify for the semi-finals."

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