Not even Messi’s mansion at Miami, the incredible luxuries of Neymar’s house at Rio de Janeiro

Lionel Messi’s mansion in Miami is now compared to the mansion Neymar has in Brazil.

By Emmanuel Mendez

Neymar puts his finger on his lip while wearing an Al Hilal jersey and Lionel Messi stares while wearing an Inter Miami jersey.
Neymar puts his finger on his lip while wearing an Al Hilal jersey and Lionel Messi stares while wearing an Inter Miami jersey.
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Lionel Messi is one of the richest athletes in the world and is the best-paid player in the MLS. He is among the best-paid athletes in the United States and earns more than some American stars from American sports like the NFL and the NBA. This has allowed him to buy a beautiful mansion in Miami, but it isn’t comparable to Neymar Jr.’s mansion in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He has a mansion in Mangaratiba on the Costa Verde of Rio De Janeiro. Neymar auctioned a VIP experience in his mansion, which was sold for $335,000. The luxuries the mansion provides for guests who won the auction to experience a VIP tour include a karting court, a football field, a tennis court, and swimming pools. It also has a heliport so that guests can get home by aircraft. Neymar has not been often in Brazil, let alone in his mansion in Rio De Janeiro, since he made his move to Al Hilal in Saudi Arabia last summer.

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Neymar faced a few issues with this mansion, including a $3.3 million fine for building an artificial lake last year. The municipality of Mangaratiba, in Rio de Janeiro, announced the seizure of the property where Neymar rests, and the penalty amount. The mansion had been visited by environmental authorities, who discovered various irregularities, seized the works, and prohibited the use of the lake; a decision that Neymar later failed to comply with.

Among the irregularities detected are the diversion of the course of some streams, the collection of water from a river without authorization, prohibited excavations, an irregular movement of rocks and earth, and the use of sand from the beach near the house. Neymar eventually managed to comply with the rules and sold a VIP tour for a good cause for the Brazilian people.

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What is Neymar up to now?

Neymar is still not 100% sure he can play football for Al Hilal, and he will not be participating in team training or in the preseason this summer with the team. Neymar is likely going to return on the pitch for Al Hilal at the start of the new season, like in September. Neymar continues to work on his fitness and trains in the gym.

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