Neymar is about to fulfill a dream; as fans await his return to the field, Ney’s new investment that amazes Brazil

Neymar plans to have another investment while he still recovers from his injury.

By Emmanuel Mendez

Neymar Jr. wears a hat in Saudi Arabia with a chain and the Al Hilal badge is next to him.
Neymar Jr. wears a hat in Saudi Arabia with a chain and the Al Hilal badge is next to him.
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Neymar Jr. is slowly recovering from the ACL injury he suffered last October while playing for the Brazilian national team, but as his return is getting closer, the Brazilian star is working on another investment project. The Rio Times reports that Neymar is involved in the makeover of Brazil’s coastline between Alagoas and Pernambuco. The Al Hilal star plans to develop the “Brazilian Caribbean Route” with the hopes of involving 28 upscale real estate projects, which could lead to sales of up to $1.5 billion by 2037. Ten projects are already underway, and the first set of completions will be set later this year.

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The coastline was established in 2020 by “Rafael Zulu, Adailton dos Santos, and local entrepreneurs Abilio Costa and André Costa.” They have reportedly reached $500 million in sales, but with Neymar’s influence in the projects, it could skyrocket. There are over 550,00 square meters of construction, and partnering with Neymar Sports, the aim is to boost tourism and “foster social benefits.” Neymar already invested in areas like Balneário and Camboriú and now wants to have real estate in the Northeast of Brazil.

Neymar’s father, Neymar Sr., hopes that the locals will increase local tourism and bring economic growth for residents and entrepreneurs in that part of Brazil. The “Brazilian Caribbean Route” project will have a backing of around $120 million to create a more luxurious and attractive destination in the Brazilian Northeast for locals and people visiting from other countries. With Neymar’s star power, he could influence his fans around the world, including Saudi Arabia, to visit the Northeast of Brazil in the near future.

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Neymar’s recovery at Al Hilal

Neymar has been injured since October and has only played five games for Al Hilal since his move from PSG last summer. The Brazilian has been unlucky not to be a part of a historic season in the Saudi Pro League, as his team remains undefeated after 32 games played. Al Hilal won the league a week ago after beating Al Hazem 4-1, and they are two games away from winning the league without suffering a single loss. Their last two league games are against Al Taee and Al Wehda.

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