Mourinho & Cristiano reunion will have to wait but Mou reveals how his treatment would go & CR7′s importance in the team

Jose Mourinho won’t be the coach for Cristiano Ronaldo but speaks about his importance to his teams.

By Emmanuel Mendez

Jose Mourinho slightly grins while Cristiano Ronaldo smiles at the camera and holds on his Portugal national team jersey.
Jose Mourinho slightly grins while Cristiano Ronaldo smiles at the camera and holds on his Portugal national team jersey.
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Jose Mourinho is one of the best managers in football history, and he coached one of the best players in football history, Cristiano Ronaldo, during his time at Real Madrid. Since then, many fans wanted to see Mourinho be the coach of Ronaldo once again, whether at Al Nassr or in the Portuguese national team. The ‘Special One’ is coaching neither team as he became the new manager of Fenerbahçe in Turkey. Despite not coaching CR7 anytime soon, the Portuguese manager still gives his insight on the importance of the Al Nassr striker to any team, including the national team. Mourinho said, “The coach knows. And Cristiano is the one who knows how he feels, what his goals are, and how the coach wants to use him, whether to play every minute of every match or in decisive moments. But there is a lot that happens inside and overlaps between them. Cristiano has a heavy load. He will definitely score goals, and I don’t think he will leave the Euros without goals.”

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Mourinho was present at the Portugal match against Croatia over the weekend, which was a friendly match to prepare for the EUROS. Despite Portugal losing 2-1 to Croatia, there is lot of confidence ahead of the tournament. Mourinho said, “If Portugal had two teams, the second would also be a candidate to win the EURO.”

Ronaldo had not played in the friendly match against Croatia since he had joined the national team the day before. He trained with the team and is expected to play for a few minutes in the first match against Ireland tomorrow. Ronaldo is expected to be the main striker for the Portuguese national team during the EURO 2024 tournament.

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Roberto Martinez on playing CR7 in EURO 2024

Martinez is not concerned about Ronaldo playing every four days since he did that this season frequently with Al Nassr. Martinez talked about how they will evaluate Ronaldo’s playing time in the tournament. The Portugal national team manager said, “Cristiano played 51 matches, he didn’t have any problems, but I think the data at club level is not the same as that of national teams. He has shown that he can play every four days, and I don’t think there will be any problems. But we will evaluate that in the tournament.”

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