Messi shines with Argentina but reveals a shocking detail about his team, Lionel's revelation on meeting the new players

Lionel Messi reveals a curious detail about the new Argentina squad.

By Emmanuel Mendez

Lionel Messi leads the Argentina national team players while Messi looks worried with the Argentina jersey. (Source: Messi Xtra X)
Lionel Messi leads the Argentina national team players while Messi looks worried with the Argentina jersey. (Source: Messi Xtra X)
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The Argentina national team has been on fire over the past three years and has not shown signs of slowing down. In the summer of 2021, Argentina won the Copa America, with Lionel Messi guiding a generation group of players from Argentina. They then went on to win the 2022 World Cup and now are favorites to win the 2024 Copa America. Despite all the success with this team, Messi admits that it was difficult for him to adapt to the new group of players on the Argentina national team. Messi has had a long career and played with many different groups in the Argentina national team, and after the 2018 World Cup, it was the start of a successful group. Messi said, "It was difficult to integrate into the new national team group after the 2018 World Cup in Russia because of my nature. Rodrigo (De Paul) helped me a lot. He reminds me a lot of Puccio (Lavezzi)." De Paul is one of the closest players to Messi on the national team at the moment.

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Messi's character is often seen as shy, and he does not know how to react to the new generation of players in Argentina. The first tournament Messi played with this set of players was in the 2019 Copa America, where they finished third. Now, after the 2021 Copa America win, the bond in the team is very strong.

Messi is not thankful to play with this new group of players and is savoring every moment with them before his retirement from professional football. Messi said, "I appreciate all the moments with the boys in the national team because I know that time is running out and that I will miss them."

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Rodrigo De Paul on Messi leaving football soon

Rodrigo De Paul helped Messi get comfortable in the new group of players of the national team, and now he does not want to see the Argentine icon leave the national team and from football.

De Paul said, "I’m scared of the day Messi is no longer with the national team. I always talk about it with him. Everything is easier with him. All our comforts are thanks to him. He is the foundation of all this. He always tells me: ‘You can pick up the phone the day the national team needs anything, and I will be there. I will always be a part of you.’”

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