Messi is not shy after all, the funny gesture Lionel did to a fan in the streets of Miami no one expected he would do

Lionel Messi makes a fan happy by doing a unique gesture no one expected.

By Emmanuel Mendez

Lionel Messi is training with the training kit of Argentina as the Inter Miami and the Argentina national team badges are next to him.
Lionel Messi is training with the training kit of Argentina as the Inter Miami and the Argentina national team badges are next to him.
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Lionel Messi joined Inter Miami last summer, and he has been having a good time in the United States. He looks very happy during games and off the pitch. Some fans have gotten to meet Messi in person on the street in Miami as he is driving around with his wife, Antonela Roccuzzo, and their children. When the fans approach Messi, they get very excited, and they show respect towards the player when asking for a photo or a video. One fan approached him, and after shaking his hand, the fan asked for a kiss on the cheek. Messi listened, and he surprised everyone, including the fans, as the Argentine star kissed the man on the cheek. It was funny to many, as many didn’t expect the Inter Miami player to do it, but now, since he did it, the fan has been completely shocked. It wouldn’t be a surprise if more fans asked for a kiss from one of the greatest footballers of all time.

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Another fan recently found Messi in a parking lot with his wife, and he approached them. The window was closed, but as the fan pleaded for a picture, the Argentine icon pulled his window down to grant his wish. The fans thanked Messi and wished them the best, something Messi greatly appreciated. Messi looks to be loving his time in Miami, as a lot of people are showing him and his family lots of love.

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Messi has played a total of 29 matches for Inter Miami since his arrival last summer. He scored a total of 25 goals and provided 16 assists across all competitions. Messi played 15 matches in 2024 for Inter Miami, and he registered 14 goals and 11 assists. Inter Miami are first in the MLS Eastern Conference with 35 points after 18 MLS games played.

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What is next for Messi?

Messi will not be playing for Inter Miami this month as he could miss up to seven MLS matches due to his call-up with the Argentina national team. Argentina is in Group A, where they will be taking on Canada, Chile, and Peru. Argentina are the current champions of the Copa Ameirca and of the World Cup, whhc makes them the clear favoirte to win the torunament this summer.

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