Many criticize Cristiano for this, but the real reason behind this CR7′s habit is revealed

Cristiano Ronaldo has a habit that many fans did not undertand.

By Emmanuel Mendez

Cristiano Ronaldo smiles while he wears the Portugal jersey; the Al Nassr and Portugal national team badge is next to him.
Cristiano Ronaldo smiles while he wears the Portugal jersey; the Al Nassr and Portugal national team badge is next to him.
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Cristiano Ronaldo always tries his best to be ready for big tournaments or competitions with any of his teams, and for EURO 2024, it is no different. The Portuguese striker has many habits to prepare for matches, but one of his that many don’t understand is about his foot. The striker has been seen painting his toenails black, and some expect to see them during the EUROS. While it isn’t about a fashion choice or preference, it is to protect oneself from fungal infections. Athletes tend to have lots of fungal infections due to hours of sweating in their shoes for a long period of time. The feet of footballers are exposed to tough tackles or cleats by other players. Ronaldo does this to protect himself from bacteria, and he is expected to continue using his habit during the EUROS with the Portuguese national team. Ronaldo is preparing all he can for the EUROS as it could be the final one of his career; this will be his sixth EUROS with Portugal.

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Ronaldo and Portugal have yet to debut in EURO 2024, and their first match will be on Tuesday against the Czech Republic at the Leipzig stadium. Portugal is in Group F, along with the Czech Republic, Georgia, and Turkey. Their second game of EURO 2024 will be against Turkey on June 22nd, and then they will play against Georgia on June 26th.

Portugal is among the favorites of the tournament as they have quality players like Bernardo Silva, Bruno Fernandes, Rafael Leao, Ruben Dias, and more. Cristiano Ronaldo is still known as the main man as he scored a brace in the last friendly against Ireland, which was the last game of preparation for Portugal ahead of EURO 2024.

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Ruben Neves on Cristiano Ronaldo’s impact

Some fans are worried that Ronaldo will not work in the national team due to his age slowing him down, but he showed with Al Nassr that he still has a high level on the pitch. His national teammate Ruben Neves also agrees, saying, “Cristiano is always the same. Cristiano does not change. We who work with him on a daily basis know that he is the same because his level of professionalism at the age of 28 or 30 is still exactly the same.”

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