Kane, Davies and Kimmich forced to leave Bayern Munich as Tuchel is one to blame

Bayern Munich manager has created a really bad situation on the team.

By Juan Macías

Thomas Tuchel
Thomas Tuchel
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Bayern Munich team is close to end the season with out a single trophy, but there is another concern with the manager and his actions with some of the player.

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Thomas Tuchel is currently one of the managers that seems to be really close to being sacked in the next part of the season, the reason being that the results have not been the ones expected, but now there are some sources close to them that have pointed to another reason why he could be ready to leave the Bayern Munich team to avoid any other problems for the team.

Harry Kane is one of the players that is ready to go back to the Premier League, and the fact is that most of the sources believe that the relationship with Thomas Tuchel has not been the best as the manager has been known to treat every single player and staff of the team by undermining everyone and this is the first player that could leave the german team now.

In the case of Alphonso Davies most of the sources believe that Tuchel has been key for the player to want to leave, now that he does not see a future as a player for the german team while he is the manager, and that could be the reason why he is now pushing really hard to make the move.

And last but not least a really important player like Joshua Kimmich seems to also be open to leave the team and the main reason could be Thomas Tuchel, now that he has not been able to give the role that a midfielder like him would expect and the fact is that now the problems for the manager could only start with players ready to leave the team as well.

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Thomas Tuchel future

Most of the sources believe that it is only a matter of time for Thomas Tuchel to be fired from the Bayern Munich team, but the fact is that they might be looking to wait until the end of the season to make the final decision now.

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