He agrees with Mbappé and causes controversy with his comments, what Javier Tebas said that causes a debate in football

Kylian Mbappé makes a debatable comment that Javier Tebas agreed to.

By Emmanuel Mendez

Kylian Mbappé smiles while sitting on the bench and Javier Tebas talks while having a microphone.
Kylian Mbappé smiles while sitting on the bench and Javier Tebas talks while having a microphone.
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Javier Tebas is the La Liga president, and unlike other major league presidents, he is not afraid to express his opinions on football. Tebas is very excited about the future of Real Madrid, including the signing of Kylian Mbappé. Tebas talked about the French star arriving at Real Madrid as a great thing for the team and for La Liga. Now, the president agrees with Mbappé about a comment he made this week that caused a large debate across the football community. Mbappé believes that winning the Euros is harder than winning the World Cup, but now Tebas said the same thing. Tebas said, “The Euros are more difficult than the World Cup.” Many football fans have been debating this topic recently as some think it is disrespectful to the World Cup due to its prestige, while others agree that European teams playing against each other makes the tournament more challenging for teams.

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Tebas seems happy to have Mbappé at Real Madrid since he admitted a few months back that he is a Real Madrid fan. Tebas said in April, “As a Real Madrid fan myself, it is a great joy to see Mbappé coming to Real Madrid.” The French star was heavily rumored to have agreed to leave PSG a few months ago, which made everyone believe that Mbappé agreed to join Real Madrid in February.

Not only did Tebas agree with Mbappé about the comparison between the Euro and the World Cup, but he also talked about the French star joining Real Madrid and potentially creating a big gap against FC Barcelona. Tebas disagreed and said, “You have to play on the field. It was also thought that with Hazard, Real Madrid would be much superior, and then it turned out that it did not go well. Football is a team sport and you never know. PSG had Messi with Neymar and Mbappé and thought one thing and then it was another. This football, fortunately, is not mathematical.”

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Javier Tebas on Barcelona’s financial issues

FC Barcelona wants to make significant signings this summer, like Real Marid, but they need to return to the 1:1 rule. When asked if Barça is close to the rule, Tebas said, “Barça returning to 1:1 rule? It will depend on some issues they have to do. They tell us that they are doing well and are waiting for an agreement that will help them a lot. Maybe some way out, but they know what they have to do. I see, I hope and wish them to enter the 1:1 rule this summer.”

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