Guardiola gives the worst news to Barcelona fans, his comments that cut the excitement between them

Pep Guardiola gives his thoughts about his future and his comments makes FC Barcelona fans upset.

By Emmanuel Mendez

Pep Guardiola slightly grins while the FC Barcelona and Manchester City badges are next to him.
Pep Guardiola slightly grins while the FC Barcelona and Manchester City badges are next to him.
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Pep Guardiola is an FC Barcelona legend, and he had a lot of success with the team from 2008 to 2012. The Spanish manager then left to go coach at Bayern Munich and then spent many years at Manchester City. His future at the Premier League will soon come to an end as his contract expires next summer, and he isn’t looking to extend his contract with the club. With the rumor that he will leave Manchester City, some hope that he can return to FC Barcelona as the manager again if Hansi Flick is not successful next season. When asked if the door closed to potentially becoming the manager of FC Barcelona in the near future, Guardiola said, “Yes, it is [door] closed.” Some Barca fans are very upset about these comments, while others still believe that he will eventually return to the club since he has shown a lot of affection for the Catalan club.

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Guardiola wants FC Barcelona to give lots of patience for Hansi Flick as the German manager will coach a club outside of Germany for the first time. Guardiola said, “Flick? What he did with Bayern was extraordinary. They have to help him from the club and give him total support. Giving him time would be good, leagues are not won in September or October.”

The Man City manager continues to believe in the club despite not being there for more than 12 years. He complimented La Masia and said, “The academy never lets you down. Their influence has been very great. The players have had a huge impact and they’ve only just arrived. These are not just teammates in the team, but decisive ones. We must take good care of them and be patient with them. We must protect them.”

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Pep Guardiola on FC Barcelona’s interest in Bernardo Silva

Although Guardiola may not arrive at FC Barcelona, his player at Manchester City, Bernardo Silva, is rumored to have left the club and joined the Catalan club this summer. When asked about this, Guardiola said, “Bernardo Silva? There are many rumors in the press about Bernardo but no one has contacted us yet. We have not received any call from Barça or any other club. He is a wonderful player, I hope he stays with us at Manchester City.”

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