Dani Alves is found guilty, this is how long he will be in jail for

Dani Alves will face jail time after being found guilty for sexually assaulting a woman.

By Emmanuel Mendez

Former FC Barcelona player Dani Alves will face jail time for a long time.
Former FC Barcelona player Dani Alves will face jail time for a long time.
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Dani Alves has finally learned his sentence and has been found guilty in court for sexually assaulting a woman in Barcelona. This incident occurred in a Barcelona nightclub in 2022. Alves returned to FC Barcelona in 2021 and left in June 2022. The incident reportedly occurred in late December 2022.

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Dani Alves was sentenced to 4 years and six months in prison for sexual assault. Plus, 5 years of supervised release and in communication with the victim for 9 years and 6 months. He will also pay a compensation of €150,000 and legal costs. Mundo Deportivo reports that Alves' lawyer, Ines Guardiola, will try and appeal the sentence. His lawyer, Ines Guardiola, stated, "At this moment, I can only tell you that we are going to appeal the sentence. I still believe in Mr. Alves' innocence. I have to study the sentence, but I can tell you that we are going to appeal on appeal."

Ines Guardiola goes on to say the sentence isn't as bad as expected. Ines Guardiola says, "Alves is whole. As you will understand, 4 years and six months is better than 9 and 12 that the accusation requested, but I believe in Alves' innocence and we are going to appeal. I'm going to go see him this afternoon and explain the sentence."

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Neymar is offering Dani Alves help with his sentence

According to UOL Esporte, Neymar and his family helped to alleviate Dani Alves' sentence by paying the €150,000 in damages. The amount will be allocated to the victim for moral damages and injuries caused. Neymar's family also reportedly made Brazilian lawyer Gustavo Xisto, one of the oldest legal representatives of Neymar's father's companies, available.

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