Cristiano missed crucial penalty, almost got eliminated but Diogo Costa saved him, all Ronaldo's career missed penalties

Cristiano Ronaldo rarely misses penalties and the one he missed today would've been heartbreaking.

By Emmanuel Mendez

Cristiano Ronaldo apologizes to the fans as he wears the Portugal jersey and the Portuguese national team badge is next to him. (Source: CFC Janty X)
Cristiano Ronaldo apologizes to the fans as he wears the Portugal jersey and the Portuguese national team badge is next to him. (Source: CFC Janty X)
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Cristiano Ronaldo and Portugal advanced to the quarterfinals in dramatic fashion as they defeated Slovenia 3-0 in a penalty shoot-out. After extra time, Portugal and Slovenia drew 0-0 after 120 minutes, but the Portuguese icon missed a crucial penalty that could've given Portugal the win without needing a penalty shootout. Ronaldo was crying as he thought that it was Portugal's day to win the match, but in the end, Diogo Jota saved the day. It is rare to see Ronaldo miss a penalty, but when it happens, it is a huge shock to everyone. Before the penalty against Slovenia in extra time, CR7 took a total of 205 penalties throughout his career. He scored 173 of them and failed 32 penalties throughout his career. Twenty-one of them were saved, while 11 of them went wide. His penalty percentage conversion is 83.3%. He scored 17 out of 17 penalties at Al Nassr. For Juventus, he scored 29 out of 34 penalties that were executed. For Man United, he scored 24 out of 29 penalty kicks. And for Real Madrid, he scored 80 out of 94 penalty kicks. Ronaldo scored 23 penalties out of 32 of them for Portugal during 90 to 120 minutes.

Ronaldo did score his penalty kick in the penalty shootout. Jan Oblak guessed the right way, but Ronaldo's shot on the bottom left corner was too much for the Slovenian keeper to stop. Ronaldo apologized to the Portuguese fans in the stands after scoring in the penalty shootout.

The hero for Portugal was Diogo Costa, who saved all three penalties against a Slovenian player in the penalty shootout. Costa has just become the first goalkeeper ever to save three penalties in a single penalty shootout at the European Championship.

Cristiano Ronaldo after the game

The game against Slovenia was intense for Ronaldo after his penalty was saved in extra time, but then winning the penalty shootout to advance to the next round. They will play against France this Friday in the quarterfinals, but he gave his thoughts on the game and the penalty miss.

Ronaldo said, "Sadness at the beginning and joy at the end, this is football. During the year, I did not once fail to score a penalty kick, and when I needed to score it most, I missed it. If you look at the match well, Slovenia spent the whole match defending and when that is the case it becomes difficult. We deserve to qualify. I was sad when i missed the penalty kick but the most important thing is that the team won. Thank you to the fans for the support, and I hope they will continue their support in the next match."

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