Cristiano chooses his own style, while Messi confesses who approves his outfits

Cristiano Ronaldo always likes to wear nice clothes but Lionel Messi admits that he wants approval to what he wears.

By Emmanuel Mendez

Cristiano Ronaldo poses with a white shirt and sunglasses while Lionel Messi wears a long sleeve shirt and jeans.
Cristiano Ronaldo poses with a white shirt and sunglasses while Lionel Messi wears a long sleeve shirt and jeans.
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Although Cristiano Ronaldo has been heavily focused on football throughout his life, he also likes his fashion as he dresses elegantly at every event he needs to dress formally. Ronaldo has a great choice of fashion, but Lionel Messi is not very confident in picking his outfits. In an interview with Infobae, Messi admitted that he needs approval from his wife Antonela Roccuzzo, who he trusts in with his outfit choices. Messi said, “Anto[nela] helps me with the looks. Well, I also ask a lot for a choice [of outfit]. It helps me a lot. We try to adapt to the city as well. It is atypical, different and well, at times too. The good thing is that that’s it, nobody looks at you here, nobody sees you. You can wear anything, nothing happens here and it is a city where you can find everything. If the two of us go out to eat or go out to eat, yes, Anto approves of the look.”

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When asked about how often he goes out with his family and friends in Miami since he moved to Inter Miami last year. Messi said, “No, the truth is that we don’t go out much. We live in the area where the club is located and have a short drive to Miami, so we have been out a few times.”

Messi was asked how it feels to see his sons play football as well in Miami since they are in the Inter Miami academy. Messi said, “It’s amazing. We spend a lot of time at the club, and they train three or four times a week.” Mateo and Thiago Messi have impressed these past couple of months with viral clips showing their skills and goals at the Inter Miami academy.

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What is next for Lionel Messi?

Messi will be playing in a friendly match with the Argentina national team against Ecuador tomorrow at Soldier Field. Then, they will play their final friendly match before Copa America against Guatemala on June 14th. The first match of the Copa America will feature Argentina as they take on Canada on June 20th.

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