Cristiano and Marcelo were great friends at Real Madrid, what their sons do now

Cristiano Ronaldo and Marcelo were very close during their time at Real Madrid.

By Emmanuel Mendez

Cristiano Ronaldo and Marcelo were happy together at Real Madrid and their sons are happy together as well.
Cristiano Ronaldo and Marcelo were happy together at Real Madrid and their sons are happy together as well.
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Real Madrid has witnessed many world-class players throughout the club's history. Two club legends who were really close with each other were Cristiano Ronaldo and Marcelo. The Portuguese and the Brazilian formed a great friendship at Real Madrid, and the pair has been very important to the team throughout the years. Marcelo joined Real Madrid in 2007 and left the club in 2022, while Cristiano Ronaldo joined in 2009 and left in 2018. Both players are club legends of Real Madrid, but the pair haven't gotten much time together as Ronaldo is with Al Nassr in Saudi Arabia, and Marcelo is in Brazil with his boyhood club, Fluminense.

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In the Charla podcast with O Joga, Marcelo was asked if there was once a potential reunion between him and Ronaldo at a different club that isn't Real Madrid. Marcelo said, "We [Marcelo and Ronaldo] talked about this some time ago. I had some proposals to leave, not just there [Al Nassr], but I needed to return here [Brazil] to my roots. Something told me that I had to go back."

One thing that Real Madrid fans and the players themselves are happy to see is that Marcelo and Ronaldo's sons, Enzo Alves Vieira and Cristiano Ronaldo Jr, get along well. Marcelo's son Enzo posted a selfie of him and Ronaldo Jr. and wrote, "Family Reunion." The two also posed for a picture at a restaurant together, along with two other friends. Marcelo reported an Instagram post of 433 comparing the sons and the fathers and tagged Cristiano Ronaldo writing, "Look." The two seem to be great friends because of their father's relationship. Real Madrid fans hope the kids can reunite on the pitch for Real Madrid as Enzo plays for the Real Madrid academy and Ronaldo Jr. is at the Al Nassr youth team.

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Marcelo is still starstruck for having played with Cristiano Ronaldo

Marcelo spoke about having many pictures with Ronaldo as they shared many years at Real Madrid. Marcelo said, "When I retire, I will sit at the bar to have a beer, tell several stories, and show people all our photos with Cristiano.”

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