Crisis in Brazil? The controversial answer from Raphinha to Ronaldinho that involves Vinicius Jr.

Raphinha responds to the controversial words of Ronaldinho about the Brazilian national team.

By Emmanuel Mendez

Raphinha puts his finger on his ear while Vinicius Jr. and Ronaldinho are next to him.
Raphinha puts his finger on his ear while Vinicius Jr. and Ronaldinho are next to him.
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Ronaldinho made headlines this morning after his harsh comments towards the Brazilian national team ahead of Copa America. The Brazilian legend said he would not watch a single Brazil match during the Copa America because the quality of the team was below the standards. Brazil still remains one of the favorites to win the tournament this summer, and Raphinha was asked about his opinion on the comments Ronaldinho made about the current national team, which involves the FC Barcelona attacker. Raphinha did not hold anything back, and he said, “Ronaldinho’s statement? I don’t know if that was an advert or not but a few days ago, I’m told he asked Vini Jr. for tickets to come see our games (laughs). In any case, I was surprised, and I don’t agree with his statement.” The Brazilian icon has yet to respond to the comments of Raphinha and many are confused if the comments of Ronaldinho were sincere or part of an experiment on the fans online.

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Raphinha did not insult Ronaldinho since he is a football icon and a hero to Brazil, but his statement is seen as exposing the former FC Barcelona attacker. Raphinha said, “I consider him [Ronaldinho] an idol, a reference, everyone on the team, not just the players but everyone who works here sees him as a reference.” The Brazilian players in the national team, besides Raphinha, have yet to comment on Ronaldinho’s words.

Globo reported earlier that Ronaldinho’s statements were for an advertisement campaign. No one is sure why Ronaldinho’s comments were made earlier, which seemed very strong words to the national team that will only cause pressure and tension for the team this summer. CBF, the Brazilian football federation, president Ednaldo has reportedly blocked Ronaldinho on WhatsApp.

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Ronaldinho’s stats with Brazil

Ronaldinho made 97 appearances with the Brazilian national team. He scored a total of 33 goals for Brazil and provided 29 assists. He played over 7,000 minutes for his national team, and he made his debut in 1999. He played his last match in 2013. He won the Copa America in 1999, the Confederations Cup in 2005, and the FIFA World Cup in 2002.

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