Bernardo Silva worries Guardiola, his replacement could cost over 100 millions

Manchester City team seems to be ready to make the move.

By Juan Macías

Bernardo Silva and Pep Guardiola
Bernardo Silva and Pep Guardiola
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The Citizens are aware that there is little to no chance for them to keep Bernardo Silva on the team for the next seasons with several offers on the table.

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Bernardo Silva is one of the key players for the Pep Guardiola team, in fact he is one of the players that has been part of the team for several seasons now and there is a reason for that. Several seasons ago the midfielder has shown his interest to leave the Citizens, and right now they could have several offers on the table that would allow him to do that.

Several soures have confirmed that PSG and Barcelona are the teams interested in making an offer for Bernardo Silva, and the player seems to be more inclined to make the move to the spanish team. This situation has forced them to go ahead and look for a player that would be the perfect replacement for Silva, and now they have found him, but they also now the value for him.

It has been confirmed that right now the main idea would be to go ahead and sign Lucas Paquetá, they even had the intention to sign him in the last season. The brazilian midfielder has been key for the West Ham team in the past, and being a proved player in the Premier League could be key for the Citizens.

Lucas Paquetá seems to be the perfect option and in the last summer transfer window it seems that he was open to make the move to the team that decided to wait one more season. This next months he could be key for the Citizens that are ready to send the first offer and secure his arrival to the team, as he could be the ideal replacement for Bernardo Silva.

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Lucas Paquetá value

The signing of Lucas Paquetá seems to be more complicated than expected, now that the Manchester City team might have to go ahead and spend at least 100 million euros to secure him, but he is at the top of the target list for Guardiola this season.

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