Bellingham saved England in EURO 2024, his bold response to the critics after his wild equalizer

England advanced to the quarterfinals of EURO 2024 and Jude Bellingham gave a response to the critics.

By Emmanuel Mendez

Jude Bellingham shouts with joy as he wears the England jersey and the England flag is next to him. (Source: Madrid Xtra X)
Jude Bellingham shouts with joy as he wears the England jersey and the England flag is next to him. (Source: Madrid Xtra X)
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Jude Bellingham once again shines for the English national team as his bicycle kick equalizer at the last minute of regular time saved them from elimination from the tournament. The Real Madrid midfielder and the rest of the England team struggled to break down Slovakia, who took the lead in the first half and could've advanced to the next round. Eventually, the equalizer, Jude Bellingham, scored, leading to England's second goal in extra time and the win to advance to the next round. Despite the win, Bellingham made sure to answer the critics after the game, as the fans started to question his performances along with other big names in the team. Bellingham said, "Playing for England, it should be the most proud thing of a footballers career but often in times it's quite difficult. There is really high, intense pressure. Sometimes it feels like there's a pile-on from the fans... moments like tonight throw it back to some people." Bellingham certainly shut some critics as he scored his second goal of the competition.

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As Bellingham scored the equalizer, he made sure to send a message during his celebration. Bellingham did his classic pose celebration with Harry Kane, but before that, he yelled, "Who's else?" to the fans in the stands. England was a minute away from being eliminated from the tournament, which would've been a disaster for the national team, who were tipped to be one of the favorites to win the EUROS this summer.

Kane scored the seocnd goal for England in the first two minutes of extra time. Eze took a shot from outside the box; the ball was headed in the penalty box to Harry Kane, who headed the ball into the net to give England a 2-1 lead. Slovakia tried to get back into the game, but it was too late. England will be playing in the quarterfinals of the EUROS.

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Who will England play in the quarterfinals?

England will have more difficulty in the quarterfinals as they will play against Switzerland at the Dusseldorf Arena on July 6th next weekend. If England beats Switzerland, a semifinal is at reach with Romania, the Netherlands, Austria, and Turkey as one of their potential opponents.

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