After seeing him shine, Gareth Bale's unexpected advice to Jude Bellingham

Gareth Bale's advice to Jude Bellingham

By Hector Garcia

Gareth Bale's advice to Jude Bellingham
Gareth Bale's advice to Jude Bellingham
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Jude Bellingham's impressive start to the season does not go unnoticed by players like Gareth Bale, who for many is a Real Madrid legend. The English midfielder has amazed many fans, but now he is also the topic of conversation among former players of the merengue team, who assure that he has a bright future. Given this situation, Gareth Bale sends an unexpected message to the footballer.


Jude Bellingham's start to the season at Real Madrid is being spectacular with his performances in both LaLiga and the Champions League, despite his two recent absences due to shoulder discomfort. However, he is expected to return once the last FIFA International Break in 2023 ends. The English player placed himself in an important way this season.

Such success for Bellingham has had a huge impact in the United Kingdom. The young player is considered one of the great promises of world football and his arrival at Real Madrid has been received with great enthusiasm. In this regard, Gareth Bale, who was a key player in winning four Champions Leagues with Real Madrid, has given some advice to Bellingham.


Bale's advice to Bellingham

"The biggest advice is for him to play Madrid's game," Bale said in an interview with The Times. And he explained: "Because if you don't play it and do what the media wants, talk to them, you're basically a puppet, you'll get a lot of beating. You saw many of the 'Galaticos' acting like that, doing what the press wanted. That was probably my problem, because I didn't want to do that. I just wanted to play football and go home. That made things difficult for me and made them attack me a little more. "So what you have to do is talk after the games, and make sure you speak in Spanish."

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