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Messi´s fault? The reason why Inter Miami project could be at risk in MLS

The Argentine striker would be discussed as the main guilty of club’s problems

By Mario Perez

Lionel Messi and Inter Miami face massive problems in the MLS.
Lionel Messi and Inter Miami face massive problems in the MLS.
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The Argentine Lionel Messi could be facing horrible days at Inter Miami, which face serious problems in the MSL according to the latest information appearing on the English football site The Athletic, stating that the project of the Florida-based institution could suffer a great crisis in the next few months.

Setting up history, Messi faces the team from his birthplace

The co-owner of the club, the former Manchester United legend David Beckham would be forced to face massive inconveniences for the project of the institution, which could be clearly under risk ahead of the start of the new season of the MLS.

As reported by The Athletic, Inter Miami could suffer a huge economic impact after the luxury signings of Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez, Sergio Busquets and Jordi Alba, and David Beckham would have already been urged to make major adjustments in order to meet MLS Financial Fair Play regulation.

Following these sources, the Florida-based club would be forced to come up with more allocation money and it could require shifting a number of salaries in order not to breach the requirements of the league, as the club would have already informed the players Andre Yedlin, Sergii Kryvstov, Gregore, Jean Mota, and Robert Taylor that they are all available for leaving the club on a permanent transfer.

One day before the last friendly, Messi and Inter Miami receive terrible news

What’s Messi’s salary at Inter Miami?

Following this information, the annoyance and the worriedness would have started to grow among the Inter Miami fans, who could start blaming Messi as the one who initiated this luxury path that could destroy the club. The Argentine idol currently earns $12 million per year with the Herons while Luis Suarez earns $7 million and is far from the half a million and the one million dollars perceived by Sergio Busquets and Jordi Alba respectively.

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