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What injury does Carlos Vela have?

By Mauricio Saenz

What injury does Carlos Vela have?

The Mexican played 22 minutes in the season and has yet to play again

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Something happened to him and there was no clarity. The 2021 season for Carlos Vela began amid controversy over the confusion the Mexican forward had with Los Angeles FC coach Bob Bradley. Everything ended with the replacement of the attacker at 22 minutes of the first MLS date. But there was something and the technician was right...

The doubts began... In the images it was seen that Vela took the quadriceps of his right leg and everything would seem to indicate that in this area it was Carlos' injury. The forward has already accumulated three absent matches including the classic of El Traffic vs. Los Angeles Galaxy by Javier Chicharito Hernández.

By the description of the same coach Bradley, "he stretched to get to a ball", and the three weeks of absence would be more than sung that Carlos Vela was torn. This period of absence fits perfectly with a grade 3 muscle strain (tear).

Medical discharge for a grade 3 tear occurs in most cases at 21 days, but for the player to regain sports rhythm it may take a longer time. That was what the Los Angeles FC coach preferred by not risking Carlos Vela for the game against Chicharito Hernández and putting it as "questionable".

 The million dollar question is why Los Angeles FC didn't report the type of injury that Carlos Vela had, only time will tell, but surely the antecedent of being 61 days off the courts in MLS 2020 weighed when it was not add more information to the karma of the Mexican striker: injuries.

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