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The mansion of Canelo Álvarez vs the one that Giovani Dos Santos has

By Alexis Almosnino

The mansion of Canelo Álvarez vs the one that Giovani Dos Santos has

The difference between Saúl Canelo Álvarez's mansion in Guadalajara and the luxury of Giovani dos Santos.

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Saul Álvarez is one of the most recognized boxers in the world, all for his work in the ring. Similar situation to Giovani dos Santos, two of the characters who divide opinion regarding the issue of his level in sport and his career. Therefore, they are media characters.

But in this case, it can be said that Canelo Álvarez achieved his goals and currently remains in the elite of boxing, something that dos Santos could not achieve and his career took a nosedive after being in Barcelona, the rest of the story. , you already know her and know where she plays now.


The two agree on the issue of luxuries, Saúl Canelo Álvarez opened the doors of his mansion and showed certain luxuries to which he replied that he does it not to show off but to teach a lesson. He said that in the beginning he sold pallets and now he enjoys everything because of his work that has him in the elite.

While Giovani dos Santos, without being in the elite, has a mansion of 4 million dollars. left in the United States, a house that has many amenities, Álvarez in his mansion in Guadalajara shows his luxuries and even the vehicles he has.

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