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Inter Miami sent the offer to Carlos Tevez

The David Beckham Franchise wants to hire the Argentine forward

By Mauricio Saenz

The David Beckham Franchise wants to hire the Argentine forward
The David Beckham Franchise wants to hire the Argentine forward
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On Friday, June 4, Carlos Tevez gave a press conference at Boca Juniors where he announced that he was making use of a clause in the contract to leave the club of which he is a fan. That same day, in El Futbolero we told that there are three MLS teams that can sign him: Inter Miami, Atlanta United and Minnesota United.

And in the day of this Sunday it was known that one of those three franchises approached him an offer to hire him. It's Inter Miami, where David Beckham is one of the owners and where the Argentines Leandro González Pírez, Nicolás Figal, Julián Carranza, Federico Higuaín, Matías Pellegrini and Gonzalo Higuaín play.

Tevez is in Miami on vacation with his family, where he took the opportunity to receive the Covid-19 vaccine. He will rest for a few days and then define his future. As he said in the aforementioned press conference, he's going to take the time that's necessary to define what he will do with his career: if he continues to play in MLS or if he announces his retirement as a professional in a career that has him full of successes.

El Futbolero confirmed with those close to the Argentine forward that Inter Miami brought him an important offer to have his services. Although the amount of the operation didn't want to confirm, the sources consulted made it clear that it will be one of the most important salaries of the Franchise and that, if it is carried out, they will have to modify several contracts and positions in the workforce to never again break MLS protocol regarding contracts.

What will happen to Rodolfo Pizarro at Inter Miami?

If the signing of Carlos Tevez is confirmed, Pizarro will lose place in the consideration of coach Phil Neville. For this reason it would not be strange for the Mexican to leave Inter Miami.


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