Leny Yoro

(VIDEO) Leny Yoro is France's future star, but his recent statements that could annoy Mbappé

Leny Yoro makes a statement that may annoy the best player in France.

By Emmanuel Mendez

Leny Yoro. smiles as he wears the Lille jersey while Kylian Mbappé puts his hands on his hips with a PSG jersey on. (Source: Fabrizio Romano X)
Leny Yoro. smiles as he wears the Lille jersey while Kylian Mbappé puts his hands on his hips with a PSG jersey on. (Source: Fabrizio Romano X)
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Kylian Mbappé is arguably the best French player in the world right now and is one of the best players in the world. He dominated the Ligue 1 with PSG after winning multiple league titles and scoring lots of goals at such a young age. Many football fans regard him as the best Ligue 1 player the league has ever seen due to his quality. One of the best young French defenders disagrees and names two big stars that he believes are ahead of Mbappé in Ligue 1. Leny Yoro from Lille was asked about who he thinks is the most technical player ever in Ligue 1. Mbappé was in his top three, but he named Neymar Jr. and Lionel Messi ahead of the French star. Yoro said, "I was able to take on Neymar. Everyone knows him as an exceptionally technical player. Lionel Messi, too, whom I was lucky enough to play against, is an outstanding player, an exceptional player. And in third place, I'd say Mbappé. He's not the kind of player who is going to do roulets, rainbows, things like that, but he's technically super efficient."

This list does not mean that Yoro does not appreciate Mbappé, though, as he did include him in his five-a-side team. Yoro was asked which five players he wished to have on a five-sided team. He listed Sergio Ramos, Marcelo, Kante, Neymar and Mbappé. The Lille defender has picked five big names in the sport that changed the game. Mbappé is far from retiring but he is already considered a great of football due to his success at such a young age and is looked up to by young French players like Yoro.

Like Mbappé, Yoro could be leaving Ligue 1 this summer and could potentially be joining Real Madrid this summer. The Spanish giants are really interested in the defender, although they are struggling to agree on a deal with Lille to make the move happen. Lille wants to sell Yoro for more than $60 million, while Real Madrid is ready to offer around $35 million. Yoro's contract with the French club expires next summer, and perhaps Real Madrid's plan is to wait till next year to sign him as a free agent like how they did with Mbappé this summer. Yoro is reportedly open to wait a full year with Lille while not renewing his contract so he can make the move to Real Madrid, but other big European clubs are interested in signing him this summer.

Liverpool are also interested in Leny Yoro

The other big European club that is interested in signing Yoro is Liverpool. According to Sport, Liverpool remains interested in Leny Yoro (18) and is willing to table an offer of £50M. Lille originally wanted $106.3 million and has now dropped the price to $64 million, with the player only wanting a move to Real Madrid — but they aren’t willing to pay more than $42 million. Liverpool is in need of a center-back after the departure of Joel Matip, who has been at the club for many years.

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