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Which religion is N'Golo Kanté? All you have to know

From collecting garbage in the street, to conquering the world with France and Chelsea. N'Golo Kanté and the clear example that hope is never lost.

N´Goló Kanté
N´Goló Kanté

The son of immigrants, Kanté was a garbage collector in Paris. The midfielder needed to bring food home and it was necessary to help his father. As if helping the family by working on the streets of the French capital was not enough, Kanté was struck by fate and lost his father at the age of 11. Being a soccer player was a dream and between working in the streets and Parisian classes, Kanté began to attract attention. Height didn't help him much, but it was hard not to follow him.

After fighting for a space in the small Suresnes, N'Golo went to the also small Boulogne and from there to Caen. Kanté always knew that the footballer could even open doors for a change in his life and he took the opportunity to study and graduate as an accountant. In his first season, Kanté, won his place in the first team and the following year he garnered outstanding performances in the return of the team to the French first division. From there to being champion in another little one that became a giant, Leicester.

And from there, to win again at Chelsea. Celebrated by his teammates for their hard work on the field, N'Golo Kanté already collects cups, tackles and stories. Everything was very fast, everything was very painful and everything was achieved based on a lot of work. 

N´Goló Kanté does not have a lung “he has 15 lungs, he runs everywhere, he makes your life easy,” says Pogba. And Kanté at his side smiles shyly. He has not changed his Mini Cooper with which he presented the first day of Chelsea training. The utility model was not so surprising as it had the rear view mirror attached with electrical tape because it had been a small bump. It took time to fix it.

He did not become a footballer to have a great car or live in a mansion, he even refused to collect part of his salary in a tax haven because he wanted to be like the rest of the citizens. In the Géraniums neighborhood in Suresmes he collected scrap metal to help his family. His father died when he was 11 years old, originally from Mali, a Muslim religion and a deep-rooted sense of responsibility and altruism.

His 168 centimeters made it more difficult for him to become a professional. In the sixth category Boulogne he lived in a hostel and many days he was hungry - he had an amateur salary - but it was his first contact with the semi-professional world. From there to become the key to champion France. If you are a Chelsea fan and your daughter is getting married, you may be lucky enough to have Kanté show up at the wedding. It happened to Frank Khalid. He met Kanté in a restaurant, invited him to the ceremony ... and joined. He was the star of the party. The guy with the 15 lungs.

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