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What will Antonela Roccuzzo say? Model told the day that Lionel Messi tried to conquer her

Argentina revealed when the Barcelona player spoke to him

By Mauricio Saenz

Argentina revealed when the Barcelona player spoke to him
Argentina revealed when the Barcelona player spoke to him
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Footballers have a long-standing attraction to models. Many romances throughout history, some more lasting than others, are the perfect example of the compatibility of the items. And even Lionel Messi, now happily married, escaped that cliché, since when he was single and very young he would have wanted to win over Zaira Nara.

Visiting "Los Mammones", Zaira related a peculiar fact that he lived in a Bariloche disc alley when he was a teenager. It all started when Jey Mammon asked him directly if Messi wanted to "lift her". After saying no, he later clarified that he was the Barcelona footballer, but he would have sent "his right hand from him."

"I was about 16 years old or so and I believed that I was taking the world ahead of me. The one who came to speak to me was someone who introduced himself as his representative, not that he came directly," he began by saying.

But he clarified: "I want to save him ... Perhaps, he did not know anything or had anything to do with it," he said, and then detailed that it could have been someone who wanted to look good with him, since his presence was important in any place I was going. But Zaira didn't like that form of "seduction": "I directly sent him to shit ... Someone send someone to talk to you, lower it to me. Also, how old, right?". "Well, if they send me someone, what do I know ... it wouldn't be bad", answered Jey to finish the topic.

Zaira Nara revealed an intimate detail of the chats with Mauro Icardi

Zaira Nara gave a lot to talk about especially when she revealed that among family chats they use the term "Icardear", which became very popular because of how the relationship between Wanda Nara and her now husband, Mauro Icardi, began. Then, about the term that became so popular, the model clarified: “I have sent it. Suddenly you get a gif, an emoji, or a meme and I send it to Mauro. I have a good relationship with my brother-in-law (...) he sends me much worse things”, she closed.


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