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This is the contract that Sergio Agüero will sign in Barcelona

By Mauricio Saenz

This is the contract that Sergio Agüero will sign in Barcelona

Agüero already has everything agreed with Bacelona to sign his contract

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Sergio Agüero will be the first reinforcement of Barcelona. Kun arrives free at the Catalan club after ending his contract with Manchester City, a club from which he left through the big door and in which he became a legend. Now details are known of how Kun's contract will be at Barsa, where there are performance awards and he will win half of what he took in Manchester. He will arrive in Spain next Monday, after playing in the Champions League final, to sign his contract. 

As reported by journalist Oriol Domènech in Esport3's ‘Onze’, Kun will win half that of Manchester City, but will receive financial prizes based on his performance. In other words, the more games and titles you win, the more money you will receive.

Sergio Agüero's a legend in Manchester City

The 32-year-old forward played in his last Premier League game in City's win against Everton, where he converted a double. Agüero became the top scorer in the history of the English league with the same team.

However, he still has an important commitment that could be the icing on the cake: next Sunday, City will play the Champions League final against Chelsea and, if they get it, it will be the first in the club's history.

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