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They threw him out of Barcelona by phone and emerged as a champion being a figure in Atlético Madrid: the story of Luis Suárez's resurgence

El Pistolero Suárez was the great figure of the Colchonero, who this Saturday became champion in La Liga3

Luis Suárez scored the championship goal for Atlético Madrid
Luis Suárez scored the championship goal for Atlético Madrid

Life always gives revenge. When you think that everything is wrong and that there is nothing that can be done to change the situation, the light appears at the end of the tunnel to modify what is wrong and transform it into a great moment. And the one who can attest that this' the case's Luis Suárez, who at the beginning of the season was considered a player to be sold in Barcelona and this Saturday was the great figure of Atlético Madrid, who became champion in La Liga after seven years . 

Luis Suárez scored the championship goal for Atlético Madrid. Photo: Twitter.

Last season, with Quique Setién as coach, Barcelona suffered a painful elimination in the Champions League at the hands of Bayern Munich, who beat them 8-2. After that match, the leaders of the Catalan club, which was still chaired by Josep Maria Bartomeu, decided to purge the squad as they considered that they were not at the level of the club's history.

In that sense, Ronald Koeman was first hired as coach, who was looked askance by most of the fans since they considered that he wasn't the right one for the position. And with the Dutch came the "cleaning" of the campus. Arturo Vidal, Arthur and Ivan Rakitic left the club. However, that didn't stop there. There was still a name missing that few dared to touch, not only because of the history within the entity, but also because he is a close friend of Lionel Messi.

It was about Luis Suárez. His present, in those days, was not the best, since he had suffered a series of injuries that prevented him from being in optimal condition, but he had a unique talent to score. However, it mattered little and they opened the exit door for him. In this context, it was Diego Pablo Simeone, coach of Atlético Madrid, who did not hesitate for a second and asked to be hired.

And the Uruguayan forward did not disappoint. He was one of the great figures that the Colchonero had throughout La Liga and in the last two dates he scored the goals of his team's victory, which with the final whistle of the referee, meant becoming champion for the Rojiblanco team for the first time in seven years. El Pistolero collaborated with 21 goals and three assists, in a total of 32 games played in La Liga.

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