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The two MLS teams awaiting a response from Sergio Agüero for their future

By Mauricio Saenz

The two MLS teams awaiting a response from Sergio Agüero for their future

Despite the fact that all roads lead to Sergio Agüero signing with Barcelona, two major MLS clubs made him offers

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This Sunday the Argentine striker Sergio Agüero said goodbye after ten seasons in the English Premier League, who's leaving as the top scorer in the history of Manchester City, and although everything indicates that his future will be in Barcelona, along with his friend Lionel Messi, from Major League Soccer (MLS) appear interested in having him.

This was announced by the journalist Christian Martin, from the ESPN network, who commented that although everything is on track for Kun to continue his career in Spanish football, there are two teams in the American league that will bid with their weapons to be able to take the goals of the South American.

All while his now former coach, the Spanish Josep Guardiola, assured in dialogue with the BBC network that "I'm convinced that perhaps he is revealing a secret, perhaps Agüero is close to reaching an agreement with the club of my heart: Barcelona. He's going to play alongside the best player of all time, Lionel Messi, and I'm sure he will enjoy it and make my club stronger with him on the pitch".

In the words of the journalist based in England, the first team in the United States interested in signing the Argentine is New York City FC, and it's no coincidence, because it's the American Union subsidiary of the Citizen team, and they would find the ideal place for him to follow linked to the institution.

While the second MLS team that wants to sign Agüero's, when not, Inter Miami, and in the words of the reporter, the co-owner of this franchise, the Englishman David Beckham, has already made him an offer to reach the table, where they would ensure peace of mind for your family and closest environment.


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